13. June 2024


+ Route adjustment + Expansion of the final rally area + Challenges from EURO & main partner of Berlin Pride

July 27, 2024 from 12:00 p.m.

It could start again at 12 noon on July 27th. Hundreds of thousands could march through Berlin and make a statement to demonstrate and stand up for the rights of the LGBTQIA* community. The adapted route and final rally have now been determined, as have our strong and theme-specific partners and enablers of Berlin Pride.

The 46th CSD Berlin | Berlin Pride is to be opened by the board of Berliner CSD e.V. at 11.30 a.m. on Leipziger Straße. The CSD starts at 12 noon. Activists, clubs and associations are invited to contribute a variety of speeches. The demonstration will consist of 75 trucks and smaller vehicles as well as 2 club-owned trucks. In addition to the lead truck, there will also be a theme-specific truck for our TIN* community this year. We could again expect more than 100 walking groups.

Nur gemeinsam stark! – für Demokratie und Vielfalt! 

Together we take a stand! Democracy needs Diversity! 


The total length of the route is 7.6 kilometers. We are expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors again this year and are therefore expanding the area for the final rally on Straße des 17. Juni. The plans for this will be greatly affected by the EURO. Requests for assistance to the responsible Senate administrations remain open.

Under this year’s motto, the demonstration could start at 12 noon from Leipziger Strasse/corner of Spittelmarkt through Mitte to the Bundesrat and Potsdamer Platz. We could then turn towards Schöneberg and the queer-historic Nollendorfplatz. The first change to the route would now lead to the Urania so as not to direct the crowds of visitors through a narrow turning situation at Nollendorfplatz. From there it would continue to the Victory Column, the new end point of the demonstration. The visitors would then have to walk through a quiet zone on the western part of Strasse des 17. Juni to the larger final rally on the remaining part of Strasse des 17. Juni. This was our response to two previous narrow turning situations on the route. At around 3.30 p.m. we expected the first vehicles and walking groups to arrive at the end area to reach the Brandenburg Gate. A diverse final rally could take place on the main stage – with speeches as well as socio-political, artistic and musical performances. Berlin Pride | CSD Berlin should end around midnight. The entire program will be available on our website during July. We are placing particular emphasis on themes of Pride Month, especially sports, allies, TIN* and drag communities, as well as the fight for democracy and against the right!

Especially with a domestic European Football Championship, it was important to the club to name sport as one of the focus topics. Unfortunately, the EURO and in particular its extremely long dismantling time in Berlin poses a major logistical and financial challenge for the club and CSD. Support from one of the state-owned companies, which was gratefully received as one of the organizers, hardly solves the real problems and additional financial expenses. Due to the EURO, the CSD has to forego almost 50% of its setup time. This problem has been warned about and debated for many months. Additional requests for support to one of the Senate departments primarily responsible have so far remained open without concrete help or feedback. So the club will be left with either high unforeseen costs, a poor financial starting position for the coming year, and the risk of implementation in such a short time. We remain hopeful. According to market research, the CSD meant multi-million for the city of Berlin in 2016. The number of participants has almost doubled to date. Tourism, purchasing power, economy as well as the promotion of culture and democracy are key parameters that the Berlin CSD brings to our so-called rainbow capital.


Carlsberg, which will be a great support this year with its focus brand Somersby, is the official beer and logistics partner and is once again a long-standing co-sponsor. This means that the enjoyment of the CSD day can begin with a cool drink and the supply and toast of our demonstrators on this celebratory day is guaranteed.

STRÖER – which is an immense enrichment for us for another year in terms of our advertising and demand activations and will be there again in 2024, helps the goals and content of the association enormously.

One of our biggest support partners will once again be Lieferando, who will once again be supporting the CSD Berlin this year with a dynamic presence, a team on equal terms and great support. We associate this partnership with a large and tangible impact. In addition, we are welcoming OATLY as an event partner this year. OATLY will make our CSD dairy-free and will be able to spoil visitors on site with a delicious and new top-class product. Holiday feeling guaranteed.

For another year, Mastercard will be supporting us on the day of the demonstration. Mastercard enables us to have the two stands for people with disabilities and limitations at Potsdamer Platz and Brandenburg Gate. LEGO is also there again, and they are giving us strong support in the area for families and volunteers. Families and queer families can enjoy the Lego Family & Friends area, and LEGO is also supporting us with the volunteer theme by offering shirts and a thank you event for volunteers following the CSD.

Another partner of this year’s CSD and the 3rd Pride Month Berlin is the BVG. We have entered into a three-year cooperation with our beloved BVG on the topic of “queers in old age” and inclusion. The BVG is providing a “bus(si)” for the demonstration, which will enable older or disabled people to be in the thick of things instead of just being there.

We say thank you!

Without you, our Berlin CSD would hardly be conceivable or feasible every year.


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