30. June 2024 | 10:00 h | Berlin intim

Berlin Intim – Podcast

This podcast was recorded in German. Berlin Intim takes its listeners live into real sex coaching sessions! You can empathize with the coachees, laugh along and learn along while clinical sexologist Lea (known from “Stranger Sins” on RTL+) explains sex myths and facts and normalizes bodies, sexualities, desires and preferences.

Are your fantasies OK? How can you share your desires with partners? Why do you dream of climaxing at the same time as your partners? Is the clitoris really responsible for all orgasms in people with vulvas?

In episode 8 of Berlin Intim, Lea coaches Joanna Bacas @joannabacas, a transdisciplinary artist, content creator and activist. Her topic: Joanna has long been curious about sex parties and orgies. Although all doors are open to her in Berlin and in her non-monogamous relationship, she has not yet fulfilled this wish. Joanna describes her sexuality as political. Shouldn’t sex parties simply be part of that?

Trigger warning: As a survivor, Joanna also speaks about the issue of sexual violence.

30. June 2024 , 10:00 h
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