6. July 2024 | 23:59 h | BKA Theater

Jurassica Parka – Paillette geht immer (Sequins always work)

This event will be held in German.

“Paillette geht immer (Sequins always work)” is the flagship of the night shows at the BKA and Jurassica Parka is the guarantee for sophisticated entertainment below the belt. No topic is too embarrassing or too serious for the entertainer. She is cheeky and honest, and she always manages to slip from a champagne-filled chat into an honest deep talk. Regardless of whether they are celebrities, activists or stage colleagues, Jurassica’s talk guests bring a story with them.

The Berlin native says of her show: “The most important thing for me is that my audience forgets the world outside for two hours. If there is a lot of laughter and a little learning, then for me it is a perfect sequin.”

6. July 2024 , 23:59 h
BKA Theater, Mehringdamm 34, 10961 Berlin
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