19. July 2024 | 19:00 h | Dein Körper ist genug

OPENING EXHIBITION dein körper ist genug | Poetry Slam x Your Body

Photography exhibition

30 bodies. 30 stories. Naked. On display are authentic, unretouched and uncensored nude photographs that show the beauty and truthfulness of real body diversity. The people’s body stories give us an insight into the experiences, injuries, paths and perspectives of each individual queer person on the subject of body shaming, discrimination and body acceptance. The stories will be exhibited in German and English.


Poetry Slam x Your Body

At the Opening & Closing of the Your Body is Enough exhibition, we open the stage to anyone brave enough to share their body experience. Whether you think you are too fat, too big, too small, too thin, not female, male or diverse enough, too old, too hairy, too scarred or have a disability – your story is important. Whether you feel confronted with discrimination, shame, illness or disability – we want to hear your voice and create a safe space for queer bodies. And the best part is: stage experience is not necessary. It’s not about who performs their body story best. It’s about sharing and being seen. Experience an evening where spoken words have the power to heal, connect and inspire. Musical accompaniment will be provided by artists from the DNA Art Club.

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19. July 2024 , 19:00 h
Alte Münze, Berlin-Mitte
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