23. July 2024 | 18:00 h | Berliner CSD e.V. / Lola von der Gracht

Queer Art & Identity

The workshop “Queer Art & Identity” is aimed at queer creatives who want to present and share their work in a safe group of queer people. The aim of the workshop is to explore the question of how queer identity influences or even fuels artistic creation.

Together, we will explore how we can tell our stories and represent our identities artistically when words are not enough. What themes connect us as queer artists and how are they reflected in our work?

It is best to bring originals. If they are too big, photos. We have a projector.
All artistic media are possible (drawing, painting, photography, collage, sculpture, music, poetry, etc.).

Lola von der Gracht
is a contemporary artist from Germany who works with multimedia, including photography, performance and installation. Her work explores social belonging, origin, identity and gender. She has exhibited internationally and will begin the workshop by presenting her art and giving insights into how her queer identity has influenced her artistic work.

After this introduction, participants have the opportunity to present and talk about their own works of art.

23. July 2024 , 18:00 h
PLATTE, Memhardstr. 8, 10178 Berlin

The workshop will be held in German. Duration: 6-9 p.m. You can register here. (https://forms.gle/WfssXjWPP2UKt2qaA) The number of participants is limited to 15. You will receive an e-mail confirmation whether you can participate.

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