21. July 2024 | 12:00 h | dein körper ist genug

QUEER BODYLOVE CIRCLE & PHOTO SHOOT by dein körper ist genug

Sharing Circle

At the beginning of the Bodylove Circle, we will focus on the topic “Queer bodies in the media”: stereotypes, representation, positive as well as critical examples and the influence on self-perception. The Circle is open to all thoughts, exchange and sharing of experiences under the principles of respect, appreciation, confidentiality and equality. My experience confirms again and again how important it is to connect with like-minded people, because from every perspective and every wealth of experience we find inspiration that can give our thoughts a positive switch. The workshop ends with a short journaling session and meditation that can help us connect to our bodies. Afterwards you have the opportunity to book a free photo shoot slot with me via reserving through this link 

Free Photo Shoots

As a safe space photographer, my mission is to give you photographs of yourself that show you that you are enough, that your body is enough. Right now. Right here. I take a body-inclusive approach and have the gift of making people feel seen and free after a short time. Whether you need posing assistance or want to move freely in the room, with or without clothes – you decide spontaneously. Glitter, Pride accessories, mirrors, lights and the right music are provided.

Would you like to bring someone with you? Come in pairs or threes and do whatever you feel comfortable with in front of my camera.

21. July 2024 , 12:00 h
Alte Münze, Berlin-Mitte
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