24. July 2024 | 19:00 h | Connecting Passions

Queer Dating – Queer Men* edition 

Are you ready for a Queer Men* Dating night at Curly Bar on Wednesday 24. July from 7 pm? 
We welcome all queer and trans* men to an evening of mingling which will be guided by momo. 

momo will open the space at 7.30 pm with an introduction followed by inviting everyone to  place themselves along an imaginary spectrum showing preferences to find peeps with similar interests and viewpoints.  After around 1,5 hours you are invited to free flow, to continue connecting to those who caught your attention or to simply enjoy another drink at the bar. We are looking forward to having a cozy and cute evening together!

Language: English [with support to translate into German possible] 
Time: 7 – 9 pm, 1,5 hours facilitated + open end free flow  
Facilitator: momo 
Accessibility: There is a ramp to enter, the entrance door is about 90cm wide. There is no Wheelchair accessible toilet. We expect this event to be rather sound intense with a maximum of 20 participants in one room. You can take a break in the first room or outside at any time.

If a clearer description of the event including questions would make you feel more comfortable, please write to momo@connectingpassions.de    

About the facilitator
My name is momo (momo/they/she) and I simply love to connect people in many different ways. I host the Connection Spaces at the sober Lemonade Queers events at Schwuz as well as taking care of Awareness and a Quiet Room there. I have taken trainings centering consent, accountability, gender & race, cultural appropriation and critical whiteness. 
Contact & more info momo@connectingpassions.de https://www.instagram.com/connecting_passions/

24. July 2024 , 19:00 h
Curly Bar, Adolfstraße 17, 13347 Berlin [Wedding] 
Price: 5 - 15 Euros per Person 
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