4. July 2024

Handing over our core demands to Kai Wegner

On Tuesday, we presented our demands to the Governing Mayor!

We are sticking to them, because time is running out. We still have 1 year until the Bundestag is re-elected. After that, it is uncertain whether there is still a chance of including queer people in the Grundgesetzt.

Kai Wegner, act now! Let’s open the CSD together again this year! But we can’t wait any longer. Use your influence on the CDU and start the Bundesrat initiative soon!

When handing over the demands, we once again made it clear that we are ready to discuss our demands at any time of day or night. The ball is now in your court!

We would like to have an implementation plan by 14.07. Only then will the board of the Berliner CSD e. V. decide on the allocation of the opening speech.