Demonstration | Route 2019

Demonstration | Politics And PARTY

Under the motto Stonewall 50 – Every uprising begins with your voice! the Berlin CSD parades through the capital for the 41st time. From the first CSD Berlin in 1979 to 2019: that’s 40 years of CSD Berlin. As in previous years, we will again put activists in the spotlight with speeches to present and honor their daily commitment to the fight for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter* and other queer people (LGBTTIQ*) in this celebratory moment.

The equally militant and festive opening of the legendary Berlin CSD demo begins at 12:00 noon at Ku’damm. The procession starts at 12:30 and reaches between 16:00 and 19:00 the final point of the demo: the CSD Finale, the final rally at the Brandenburg Gate, where all participants and guests can celebrate Christopher Street Day until midnight.

To make the participants more visible in their diversity, the demo has two blocks: one for foot groups and “quieter” vehicles, and behind that a “louder” one for the big trucks with the fat basses. Those who are traveling without a motorized vehicle may spontaneously join in anywhere in Berlin.

You want to join the CSD Berlin with a walking group, rickshaws, bicycles, shopping carts, baby carriages or just like that, or you want to participate with a truck? You can find registration documents here.

Truck registration        Walking group registration


41. CSD Berlin – Demo | Route

Opening ceremony
12:00 Uhr Ku’damm Ecke Joachimsthaler Straße

Start of the demonstration
12:30 Uhr

Between 16:00 and 19:00 Uhr (first, and respectively, last truck)


Der CSD startet um 12:00 Uhr auf dem Ku’damm (Höhe Joachimsthaler Straße). Nach der Eröffnungszeremonie setzt sich die Demo um 12:30 Uhr in Bewegung. Zwischen 16:00 und 19:00 Uhr erreicht sie den Endpunkt der Demo: das CSD Finale am Brandenburger Tor. Die genaue Route für den CSD am 27. Juli 2019 geben wir in Kürze bekannt.