Religion + Spirituality 2022

Religion and spirituality: One of 4 focus topics for CSD 2022

From 28.06.22 (Tuesday) – the Stonewall Day – for four weeks, until Sunday, 24.07.22 Pride Month takes place in Berlin. The goal is to give Berliners and Berlin visitors more space for LGBTQIA issues and encounters in and with the queer communities of Berlin.

In the focus topic Religion and Spirituality the intercultural, interreligious and intersectional topic is in the exchange. The CSD e.V. takes a mediating role and invites all queer believers, nuns, pastors, imams, Sanga leaders, atheists and church critics to the conversation.

Church offer

Different events

Thursday, 21st of July, 6pm

International Panel “Religion and LGBT*”, Heilig Kreuz Kirche, Zossener Str. (U-Bahn Hallesches Tor), Thursday, July 21, 6 p.m. followed by a reception of the Kirchenkreis Berlin Stadtmitte in the café and garden of the Heilig Kreuz Kirche; 16 guests from 11 countries including Ghana, USA, Russia, Ukraine, England, Poland and many others; Moderation: Ulli Pridat

Friday, 22nd of July, 6pm

Multi-religious service for the CSD together with LSVD Berlin-Brandenburg, Bundesstiftung Magnus Hirschfeld and Berlin CSD e.V., St. Marienkirche Unter dem Fernsehturm in der Karl-Liebknecht-Str.; clergy and representatives from Judaism, Christianity and Islam; guests: Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey, Senator Dr. Klaus Lederer (Senate of Berlin), Marc Nellen, (Federal Ministry for Family Affairs); sermon: Rabbi David Mitchell, London;

Saturday, 23st of July

Parade float at CSD “Love is good for the soul”; Protestant Church in Berlin together with Ibn-Rushd-Goethe Mosque, several rabbis and activists of different faiths from the international ecumenical community.

Documents to download for free: “Evangelical Church and Homosexuality – What they always wanted to know” (German and English) plus declaration of guilt of the Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz about the guilt towards queer people (German only)

Offer of the Keshet Deutschland e.V.

No one should have to choose between their Jewish and queer identity!

The association Keshet Deutschland e.V. advocates for the interests of lesbian, gay, bi-, trans-, intersexual and other queer people inside and outside the Jewish community in Germany. Among other things, Keshet Deutschland e.V. provides a safe space for Jewish LGBTIQ* people, promotes awareness of LGBTIQ* issues among non-queer Jewish people, and advocates for education and diversity in Judaism.

Offer of the Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque

Muslim and queer, that goes together – free of fear and self-determined!

The Ibn Rushd – Goethe Mosque represents a progressive, contemporary Islam that is compatible with democracy and human rights. The doors are open to all people of the LGBTIQ* community, offering a place of spiritual security.

With the Contact Point Islam & Diversity (AID), the Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque has launched a lighthouse project for sexual diversity in Islam. It offers support for all Muslims who face challenges because of their sexual identity – whether through their own doubts or through experienced or feared rejection in their personal environment. In addition to offering personal counseling, the Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque also provides educational work for more acceptance in Muslim communities.

As the first mosque in Germany, the Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque in Berlin raised a rainbow flag on July 1 in the run-up to Friday prayers, which will fly in front of the mosque until the end of July. Read more in this post!

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