Our demands

The 6-point plan for the community

In 2024, the queer Berlin community will not be fobbed off with warm words from politicians, but will demand the implementation of its demands with vigor. This year, the grassroots CSD Forum has agreed on six core demands that are particularly important to the community:

1) Federal Council and communication initiative of the governing mayor for the inclusion of queer people in the Grundgesetz

In 2023, the governing mayor spoke out in favor of the inclusion of queer people in the Grundgesetz at the CSD. Words must now be followed by deeds. At federal level, the CDU in particular is blocking the project. We are therefore calling for a quick Bundesrat and communication initiative by the Mayor of Berlin to increase the pressure within his own party. We expect him to join forces with progressive ministers from the CDU and other parties and raise the issue for the queer community.


2) Targeted measures and prevention against hate crime, as well as sufficient funding for this

The Berliner CSD e. V. demands more commitment from the state government to combat hate crime. The round table against hate crime is an important first step, but measures developed must be implemented quickly and during the process and must be adequately funded. We sharply criticize the lack of funding in the state government’s queer action plan. In addition, we also expect the round table process to develop concepts for prevention through more information, education and training opportunities.

3) Mandatory training for teaching staff on gender and sexual diversity  

The Berliner CSD e. V. calls on the responsible senate administration to offer regular, mandatory initial and follow-up training for all teaching staff in Berlin and to ensure that the inclusion of gender and sexual diversity in the curriculum is implemented appropriately in practice.

4) Non-discriminatory facilities, better hall times and safe access to sports facilities in Berlin

The Berlin Senate should advocate for safe and non-discriminatory sports infrastructure for queer people in the districts. There is a need for safe access to sports facilities in Berlin (e.g. arrival and departure, lighting, hall times and locations for queer sports clubs, etc.) and also non-discriminatory facilities (e.g. all-gender changing rooms and/or showers/toilets, signage, etc.). The responsible Senate Department should draw up recommendations for the Berlin districts as quickly as possible and work towards their implementation!

5) Queer visibility in all its diversity in the media – We demand 15% queer media funding

When the state of Berlin awards funding, at least 15% of all funded film projects should cover the queer community in all its diversity. Queer life realities must become more visible in films! Marginalized and less visible groups in particular, such as trans* people and bi+sexual people, should become more present. For example, bi+ people, who make up 20% of the population, are currently significantly underrepresented and often portrayed in a stereotypical way. The visibility of the entire queer diversity in film and television has a strengthening influence on viewers – whether young or old.

6) Joint debate with the state government on multiple parenthoods 

Following a recent ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court in April 2024, the legislator is free to introduce or recognize multiple parenthoods with up to four parents. Despite this important decision for many parents and the resulting momentum, the Federal Minister of Justice is still not planning to take action. We call on the Berlin state government to hold a cross-resourced debate involving the queer community on the introduction of multiple parenthoods.

No more frustration: we demand implementation!

Far too often our demands have been ignored or put on the back burner. This year, we are holding politicians accountable and not letting them get away with it! For CSD 2024, the Berlin CSD e.V. reserves the right to disinvite Kai Wegner from the CSD with his opening speech if he does not present a plan to implement our core demands by July 14, 2024.


“We don’t need a waving uncle at the CSD, we need a mayor in power who will implement our demands and keep his promises. In 2023, he promised to campaign for the inclusion of queer people in the Basic Law. Unfortunately, nothing has happened. That’s why this year we are reserving the right not to allow the mayor to speak at the CSD.”

Marcel Voges, member of the board of the Berliner CSD e.V.

Thomas Hoffmann and Marcel Voges
Picture: Nadine Jakobs for wirBERLIN

For reasons of transparency: 

The six core demands were defined by the grassroots CSD Forum in an intensive negotiation process. Three criteria were used to select the six core demands:

Demands must be feasible in terms of state policy
Demands must improve the quality of life of queer people
The community must be able to identify with the demands

The following still applies: We want to implement all of our demands. You can find the entire list of demands here.