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Berlin Pride | CSD Berlin 2024

Together we take a stand – Democracy needs diversity!

The grassroots democratic forum of the Berlin CSD e.V. has determined the motto for the Berlin CSD 2024. The motto Together we take a stand – Democracy needs diversity!” is intended to send a clear signal for democracy and draw attention to the dangers of the AfD and every other right-wing group, regardless of their religious or cultural background. This includes, above all, the new Turkish-German party called DAVA.

On the other hand, the motto is intended to call for more cohesion in the queer community. There are conflicts in our community that disrupt cohesion. This year, the Berlin CSD would also like to develop measures to bring the queer community closer together again.

In addition to the motto, we would also like to develop a stronger political campaign to put pressure on the current political decision-makers for the demands. The demands for this year’s CSD will be finalized in the coming weeks and handed over to the mayor.

If you would like to help with the political campaign or the drafting of the demands, please write to us at forum@csd-berlin.de. We look forward to any support!


Topic: Basic law for all

Since 2022, we have been calling for people in the queer community to be protected in their

in all their diversity be protected by Article 3 of the Basic Law! That is why

We are joining the “Basic Law for All” initiative and are calling for the improvement and

extension of this Basic Law.

Topic: Hatecrime & hate speech against queer people

– In order to reduce violence and assaults against queer people

people, since 2022 we have been demanding that the Berlin Senator

Senate Department for Labor, Social Affairs, Equality, Integration,

Diversity and Anti-Discrimination, Cansel Kiziltepe, to quickly and

and complete investigation of all crimes against LGBTIQA* people

and a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of discrimination.

– In order to inform employees of Berlin authorities about central topics

such as “Hatecrime & Hatespeech against queer people”

possible bases for assessment and decision-making,

Since 2022, we have been asking Anne von Knoblauch and Michael

Späth from the Central Office for Prevention at the State Criminal Police Office

as well as the heads of all Berlin authorities to regularly

to carry out mandatory initial and follow-up training.

– In order to help victims of hate and violence against LGBTIQA* to overcome their fears

we have been calling on Police Commissioner

Barbara Slowik and Senator of the Interior Iris Spranger to set up corresponding police

Berlin districts to set up corresponding police contact points and

ombudsman’s offices for LGBTIQA* people in all twelve districts of Berlin, which

specifically address these issues.

Topic: Education and information

– Since 2022, we have been calling on the Senator for Education, Youth and Family

Youth and Family Katharina Günther-Wünsch to ensure the implementation

of norm-critical gender, body and sexuality education

at all educational institutions by 2025 and to adapt the relevant

regulations accordingly.

– Since 2022, we have been calling on the German publishing houses for educational media

Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH, Cornelsen Verlag GmbH, Westermann

GmbH & Co. KG and others to include rainbow families, queer life realities

and diversity in teaching materials.

– Since 2022, we have been calling on the Senator for Education, Youth and Family

Family Katharina Günther-Wünsch to provide regular, mandatory initial and follow-up

initial and follow-up training for all teaching staff in Berlin

Berlin teaching staff and to ensure that the inclusion of

inclusion of gender and sexual diversity in the curricula.

in the curricula.

Topic: Work and DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

– Since 2022, we have been calling on small and medium-sized enterprises

and companies to get support to integrate homo-, bi+,

trans*, intersex and queer hostility and discrimination in working life.

working life. These companies and businesses need

corporate culture concepts for better integration.

We therefore call on the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce with

its President Sebastian Stietzel, to develop a corresponding

guidelines for action, to bring them to the companies and businesses

companies and businesses and to create a contact point.

– Since 2022, we have been calling on the German business and trade

associations – specifically the Association of German Chambers of Industry and

Chamber of Commerce with President Peter Adrian – to launch a campaign involving

all company interest groups to launch a campaign

to develop a campaign to promote LGBTIQA* in the workplace.

This should promote awareness of diversity as a matter of course,

LGBTIQA* talents and motivate them to act as role models for a more visible

visibility of queer people in the world of work.

– Since 2022, we have been calling on the Berlin Senate, now represented by

the Governing Mayor Kai Wegner and all district offices,

as part of the implementation of the diversity state program and the

district strategies to ensure an inclusive workplace culture,

that employees in the administrations are encouraged to build LGBTIQA*-

employee networks that stand for more queer visibility.

more queer visibility.

trans*, inter, non-binary people

  1. TIN General

I Society

Being TIN is not an illness and therefore does not require a diagnosis!

Human dignity is inviolable. We demand that it be recognized that intimate

questions are transgressive and hurtful.

Respect for the boundaries of personal self-determination: A person’s identity

is not to be called into question.

We demand that gender no longer has to be determined at birth.

We demand more civil courage from people in our society in the event of attacks on

TIN persons.

II Federal government

We call on the federal government to guarantee gender self-determination for

trans*, inter* and non-binary people. We therefore call on the Federal Minister of Justice

Dr. Marco Buschmann and Federal Minister for Family Affairs,

Seniors, Women and Youth Lisa Paus to replace the discriminatory TSG

immediately – before the end of 2023 – with a self-determination law.