13. July 2023 | 18:00 h | LesLeFam e.V.

Queer with desire to have a child: Exchange around family planning

Are you queer and want to have a child? We host a family planning exchange every 2nd Thursday of the month where you can share your thoughts, clarify your questions, get to know other people and their perspectives. Do you want to fulfill your desire to have a child with a biological or a non-birth child? Should it be foster care or adoption? Or would you like to do insemination, through a fertility clinic or with a private donor? Are you thinking about co-parenting and/or should it be a multi-parenting arrangement? What opportunities and challenges can you face in each case? You can discuss and reflect on all of these questions and more in a safe space. You can also learn more about the various possibilities, approaches and methods of family planning as well as support services. If you are interested, we can also recommend queer-sensitive fertility clinics, which we have gathered through testimonials over the past years. You are welcome as an individual, as a couple and in constellations with several people.

13. July 2023 , 18:00 h
Regenbogenfamilienzentrum Lichtenberg, Dolgenseestraße 21, 10319 Berlin

Takes place monthly – every 2nd Thursday

6pm to 7:30pm

Please register per e-mail: regenbogenfamilien@leslefam.de

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