5. July 2023 | 20:00 h | Insomnia Hedonistic Nightclub

Insomnia: The ultimate cuddle party

Cuddle party and workshop with Sexological Bodyworker Ona
Interesting sensory & perception games

Let’s face it: you either shake hands, pat a shoulder or hop in the sack with each other – there’s almost nothing in between. We will close this gap!

We will cuddle without restraint, give in to your longing for closeness and security, exchange intimate hugs and feel the heat of each other’s bodies tightly embraced. We form a temporary fusion that comes together to enjoy sensual touch, deep relaxation and security.

We cuddle for peace of mind and so that everyone feels comfortable, there are clear rules:

  • Admission is only between 8pm and 9pm, then we want to start
  • Under the guidance of Sexological Bodyworker Ona, the evening will start in a relaxed and playful way in casual, comfortable clothing.
  • It’s about intentionless touching and caressing, loving body contact and intentionless tenderness – no one has to feel obligated to do anything.
  • Intimate zones and sexual touching are not allowed during the first half of the evening
  • Interesting sensory & perception games

We wouldn’t be Insomnia if we didn’t go a little further: There’s a fine line between harmless cuddling and intentional touching, so there will be a second part of the party where everyone can consider whether to join in or leave it at intentional cuddling.

  • For those whose sexual energy has been awakened, there will be a separate erotic – cuddling – area, where various utensils will be available to support successful cuddling, cuddling and caressing.
  • Everyone can decide freely and without any obligation if the rest of the evening will be like the first part or if they want to move on to the second part.

Insomnia – Your interactive sex lab to feel and explore your passions!


In order to ensure a balanced gender ratio and to allow everyone to have a nice party with a relaxed atmosphere, the places for single men are limited to 15.

We ask all gentlemen who want to participate in the party to apply by mail to ona@anders-kuscheln.de with a photo and a text why you should be there. We are looking forward to your messages! For further information please visit www.anders-kuscheln.de.

Dress code: casual, cozy, comfortable, no jeans and for the second part sexy underwear, sensual, naked.

5. July 2023 , 20:00 h
Insomnia Hedonistic Nightclub, Alt Tempelhof 17-19, 12099 Berlin

Entrance only between 8pm and 9pm

Please register ahead of the event under ona@anders-kuscheln.de

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