15. July 2023 | 22:00 h | Insomnia Nightclub

Insomnia: Kinktastisch!

Techno – House – Electro – Classics 
Midnight show & Try out kinky corners

Come and be yourself!
All fetishes, all genders, non-genders and all orientations are welcome!

When you enter our party area, a friendly unicorn will greet you and give you a sweet welcome shot to get you off to the best start of the evening.

Our unicorns will be walking around making everyone feel comfortable and safe,
They are here for you, so feel free to talk to them and ask them about anything.

*Our wonderful photographer Tobias Ahlbrecht will make sure you have something to remember this evening by.

“Kinktastic” is a fetish and sex positive party where consent is key!
To ensure that, you should carefully read and follow our rules:

  • No means no.
  • Do you want to talk, dance or play with someone? Ask him politely if he is interested and respect his answer.
  • Give others their space when playing or being intimate with each other. Do you want to join in? Ask politely and respect their answer.
  • Cell phones are not allowed! Leave them in the dressing room.
  • No entry in jeans or street clothes, we have a dress code to keep the perverted atmosphere.
  • Crossing boundaries will not be tolerated, ask once, a no is a no.
  • Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Verbal harassment will not be tolerated.
  • No means no.


Recommended dress code: latex, vinyl, PVC, perverted uniforms, perverted costumes, cyber erotic & sci-fi, little, kinky drag, sexy lingerie, crossdress, body paint, cabaret, fetish goth, medical, animals, burlesque, fetish formal, puppy, pony, armor, cosplay, superhero…

15. July 2023 , 22:00 h
Insomnia Hedonistic Nightclub, Alt Tempelhof 17-19, 12099 Berlin
25 Euro
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