13. July 2023 | 20:00 h | Insomnia Nightclub

Insomnia: Scuffling

Revival of the play fight party with Ona & Elias

Scuffling is simply good for you, both with men and with women. Brawling relieves, frees, relaxes, redeems and connects, can also excite and be very sexy, can nurture a friendship and enrich a partnership.

As adults, we often lose the natural and archaic way of dealing with each other. Scuffling and romping can help relieve a lot of stress and everyday frustration. We get to know each other more intensively through playful roughhousing and can satisfy our longing for physical and skin contact.

Unlike martial arts, scuffling has no result-oriented goals, such as defeating the opponent, good technique, or implementing a planning strategy. All of this is unimportant in brawling.

It’s about the enjoyment of contact with each other, feeling the pressure of your partner on your own skin, feeling the forces being released or diminishing. It’s about the pleasure of rubbing up against the other and letting off steam, holding on, capturing, and simply feeling each other.

Of course, scuffling can also arouse sexual passion. It’s exciting to feel people’s strengths and weaknesses up close, and to let yourself fall into each other. (Only) Those who feel like more and want to give free rein to their erotic feelings can do so later, in the second part of the evening, in the separate play areas according to their mood.

To ensure a balanced ratio of men and women, it is necessary to register for this party by email. Admission only with confirmed registration! raufen@insomnia-berlin.de

Sportswear, casual, comfortable (no belts or jeans please), comfortable shoes for walking around the club.

Admission is all inclusive drinks (non-alcoholic soft drinks)

Participation in the party is at your own risk! Participants must be fit healthy! There is a gym mat available as a base.

13. July 2023 , 20:00 h
Insomnia Hedonistic Nightclub, Alt Tempelhof 17-19, 12099 Berlin

Doors open: 8pm

Start: 9pm with presentation of the topic, warm-up, selection of scuffling partner, multiple scuffling rounds, special scuffling scenarios

Entrance only allowed with confirmed registration: raufen@insomnia-berlin.de

35 Euro
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