4. July 2023 | 19:30 h | Quarteera e.V.

Reading: Siberia, Tatarstan, Ukraine, Berlin

Siberia, Tatarstan, Ukraine, Berlin. A queer reading by Quarteera e. V.

Dinara Rasuleva (born in Tatarstan), is a poet, translator and performance artist. Her feminist and anti-colonialist work has since appeared in Tatar, Russian, English and German.

Andrey Ditzel (photo), born in Siberia, is a Russian-language journalist, LGBTIQA* activist, writer and winner of the international competition of Russian-language poetry. He worked as an editor for various media. Meanwhile, he is the project manager of Quarteera e. V.

Gabriel Wolkenfeld is a German writer. He studied and worked in Estonia, Russia and Ukraine, wrote two novels and two volumes of poetry, including “Mist Atlas (Ukrainian Album)”.

Moderation: Falk Schneider, Buchklub dramaqueens.berlin / queeRead

4. July 2023 , 19:30 h
Quarteera Community Center, Arkonaplatz 5, Berlin