14. July 2023 | 21:00 h | AHA Berlin e.V.

Erotic party (men-only safer sex party)

Sofas, separées, cozy atmosphere. Relaxed music, half-naked guys and men. No dress code, no cool industrial environment, no hustle and bustle. Quiet, chilling, getting closer to each other. Dark and light areas, carpet, no shoes. Everything for safe sex (for free) – in pairs, threesomes or exciting encounters in large numbers. These are the ingredients of our popular Erotic Party – a sex party that meanwhile deliberately wants to be a real alternative to many other sex party locations. Here, men can act out in a relaxed and casual way and let themselves be stimulated by the unique, relaxed atmosphere.

14. July 2023 , 21:00 h
AHA-Berlin e.V., Monumentenstr. 13, 10829 Berlin

For: men*

Entrance fee 8,-€
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