29. June 2023 | 22:00 h | Bi Berlin e.V. / TrIQ e.V.

Panel: tin* and Bi+ caught between two stools?

On the well-staffed panel we feel like clearing up the prejudices that exist within society. We want to find out what tin* and Bi+ have in common and also look at the differences and discuss where we can support each other to become more visible.


Henri Jakobs (author, musician and actor)
Charlotte-Ariane Krumbholz (Intergeschlechtliche Menschen e.V. / Gender Diversity Officer at the Charité)
Dana Wetzel (board members BiBerlin e.V.)
Jan Stadler

Estelle van der Rohne (http://vintage-weib.de/)

DJ before and after the panel:

Are a queer DJ duo from Berlin with Colombian and Sicilian roots. Musically they move between Latin House, Downtempo & Tropical Sounds.

TransInterQueer (TrIQ e.V.) is a selfrepresentation organisation and Berlin-based centre for trans*, inter* and non-binary lives. It has been providing professional consultation services since 2006 and offers educational and awareness-raising work as well as a wide range of community services such as groups and topic-specific events.

BiBerlin e.V. was founded in 2018 from the monthly open bi meeting in the Sonntagsclub that existed until then and is still the only contact point for people with bi-, pan- and other non-monosexual identities in Berlin. The organisation is committed to making visible and supporting bi+ people and their concerns outside, but also within the LGBTIQA+ community. We are politically active, offer counselling and networking and organise ourselves for events such as the CSDs or the city festival. Another very important goal for us is the promotion of science, research, education and information about the way of life and the everyday situations of people with bisexual or non-monosexual orientations. Bisexuality is the sexual and/or romantic attraction to more than one gender, whereby gender does not imply any specification and therefore also includes trans*, inter* and non-binary persons.

Information on inclusion: https://csd-berlin.de/inklusion

With kind support from PLATTE.Berlin und the city of Berlin.

29. June 2023 , 22:00 h
PLATTE.Berlin, Memhardstrasse 8, 10278 Berlin

Entrance from 6pm (with DJ set and bar)

Panel: 7 – 8pm

Party: 8 – 10pm

No registration needed

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