18. June 2023 | 15:00 h | LesLeFam

Rainbow-Olympics: Afternoon for families

A warm invitation to the Rainbow Olympics for children from rainbow families (and their parents) just in time for the beginning of Pride Month in Berlin. At different stations you can show what you can do – in games and with movement. It’s about having fun, not about winning. At each station you will get a sticker on your medal and as soon as all fields are filled, a small surprise is waiting for you! Drinks and snacks will be provided. We are happy about a small donation.

18. June 2023 , 15:00 h
Regenbogenfamilienzentrum Lichtenberg, Dolgenseestraße 21, 10319 Berlin

3pm – 6:30pm

Please register under regenbogenfamilien@leslefam.de


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