13. July 2022 | 21:30 Uhr | Soura Film Festival

Soura Film Festival x CSD Berlin: Queer Shorts from the SWANA Region

Ladies, Gentlemen & Everyone in Between [10 mins / Lebanon]
Bellydance Vogue  [ 5 mins / Lebanon ]
The Last Paradise [14 mins / Morocco]
Wifi Rider [12 mins / Palestine ]
Outsiders [10 mins / Turkey ]
Dastak [7 mins / Pakistan ] 
Soura 2022 sneak peek: Hundefreund [19 mins / Germany]

TOTAL  = 77 mins



Dir. Jad Wadi
2019 | 10 min | Lebanon
Arabic | English subtitles 

In a visual essay of day-to-day props and itineraries in Beirut, the gendered nature of Arabic is exposed. Quotidian elements, whether formally gendered or transformed into something that is, become part of a personal narrative through sound and graphic fragments. This experiment challenges the notion of the binary as Wadi navigates through the city as both male, female, and neither.


Dir. Hadi Moussally
2020 | 5 min | Lebanon, France
Arabic | English subtitles 

Hadi’s birthday landed on the 3rd of April, 2020, during the lockdown, and for the first time, he celebrated it all by himself.


Dir. Sido Lansari
2019 | 14 min | Morocco, France
French | English subtitles 

This is the almost-true story of Sami. In Casablanca, he only dreams about dancing and Egyptian divas in the hairdressing salon where he works. Until the day he meets Daniel, who helps him discover Paris in the midst of a gay revolution. By mixing archive images and analogue photographs, Sido Lansari draws an intimate portrait of a young man from childhood to exile, where he discovers himself coming from the “last homosexual paradise”.


Dir. Roxy Rezvany
2020 | 12:42 min | UK, Jordan, Palestine
Arabic, English  | English subtitles 

Life is lonely for young Palestinian, Shukri. He spends his days on the internet, immersed in a world where Western popstars preach self-love and unity, and where he can forget the lack of acceptance he faces in everyday life. But a life dreaming of paradise abroad does not bode well for a teenager stuck in East Jerusalem. He desperately wants to connect with others like him, who feel caught between an occupation, globalisation, and the universal growing pains that come with adulthood. 


Dir. Fazal Ahmad 
2021 | 10 min | Pakistan
Urdu | English subtitles 

On the tv news, the entire country has embraced an inclusive philosophy. A young gay man wakes up one day to the sounds of celebration on the streets. Is it real, or is he still dreaming?


Dir. Hannah Cauhépé
2021 |10 min | Turkey, France
English OV  

In Erdogan’s Turkey, being queer isn’t a crime (yet), but it can still make your life a living hell. This is why some community members have decided to claim their right to exist, loud and proud, with a soccer ball. 

* Soura 2022 Sneak Peek *


Dir. Maissa Lihedheb (in attendance)
2022 | 19 min | Germany
English OV

A date takes an unexpected turn in this meditation on race, politics, and history in Germany.
Q&A with director

13. July 2022 , 21:30 Uhr
Innenhof, Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin
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