2. July 2023 | 00:00 h | Trans Sein Podcast

“trans sein” – Podcast: Lesbian – a gender of its own?

„trans sein“, a new podcast episode:

Gen Eickers and Sophie Rauscher talk with Birgit Bosold about “Lesbian – a gender of its own?”

Gen Eickers is an academic philosopher, Sophie Rauscher a research assistant for a member of the Bundestag, together they host the podcast “being trans” since 2020, by trans people for all who are interested in their perspectives. Birgit Bosold has been a member of the board of the Gay Museum since 2006 and is an old, white, sometimes wise and often grumpy lesbian butch. In this role, she is responsible for funding, finance, and strategy, and has been and continues to be instrumental in SMU’s dynamic development over the past decade, including major exhibition projects she has initiated and led.

2. July 2023 , 00:00 h
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