9. July 2022 | 14:00 Uhr | #tsg22

Drag walk – Mitte walks to Schöneberg and the AHA

The meeting place and start for the common drag walk on 09.07.22 is at the “Brandenburg Gate”, on the “Square of 18 March” at 14:00 and along the “Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted under National Socialism” to Potsdamer Platz and on the “Potsdamer Straße” it then goes over to Schöneberg. On the Langenscheidtstraße, which turns into the Monumentenstraße, where the event then ends in the A.H.A. and after we have made the world, be it just a teeny bit, more colorful, more understanding, love and light by showing up for visibility and presence! 

9. July 2022 , 14:00 Uhr
Brandenburger Tor, Platz des 18. März