9. July 2023 | 13:00 h | CSD e.V. / Village Berlin

Vocal Coaching For Transmasc* People

Our voices serve as a powerful tool for expressing emotions, showcasing our unique personalities, and boosting our self-esteem. Especially during the process of transitioning, regardless of whether one undergoes hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or not, our voices play a pivotal role in shaping our sense of self. This workshop aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the vocal system and facilitate exercises and activities within a supportive group setting. By participating in this workshop, transmasc* people can confidently embrace and assert their authentic identities. 

About the Workshop
In this workshop, vocal coach Noah will work with participants on understanding and expanding their vocal range. He will show the group various exercises to safely lower the speaking voice and methods to get through their voice drop, in case they intend to undergo HRT. This workshop is for every transmasc* person, so no medical transition is needed! Participants will be gently guided through tonal exercises where they can safely practice different vocal registers. People with and without musical knowledge are welcome! 

About the host: 
I’m Noah (he/they), a Berlin based musician, artist & non-binary transmasc person. I have 15+ years of experience with singing and voice training. Now I want to educate fellow trans* people on vocal development. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

9. July 2023 , 13:00 h
Village Berlin, Kurfürstenstraße 31-32, 10785 Berlin

Duration: 1 to 6pm

Registration via mail: events@wearevillage.org

Only 10 spots available.

This event is a collaboration with Transmasc Berlin & CSD Berlin

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