16. Juli 2023 | 14:00 Uhr | CSD e.V. / Bela Belissima

Collaborative Podcast Making Workshop: „Let’s talk about transitioning“

We will get to know each other and share our experiences with transitioning (social and/or medical), our struggles, our joys, questions, reflections, reactions from friends and family etc. etc. etc.

As transitioning is still a stigmatized topic without much public awareness and understanding, this space aims to create an empowering atmosphere that allows us to come together as TIN* siblings and talk about our transitions from our own perspective.  The goal of the event is to record a group podcast around the topic of „Transitioning“ and learn a few things about how to record a podcast. The end result will then be published as an episode of the podcast „Queering the Perspective“

Note: it is also possible to attend the workshop with one’s voice not being published.

Host: Bela Belissima, Queering the Perspective

16. Juli 2023 , 14:00 Uhr
Fortuna Wetten, Karl-Marx-Strasse 127, Berlin

2-4 pm

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