26. Juli 2024 | 18:30 Uhr | PLATTE

DESERVING CAKE – The Queerdom Variety Show

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Join us at PLATTE Berlin for „DESERVING CAKE – The Queerdom Variety Show,“ an enthralling performance celebrating the vibrant spectrum of queer expression and creativity marking the closing night of PLATTE Pride Week. Dive into a world where every piece is a slice of the queer experience, each performance a layer of sweetness, and every interaction a taste of something delightfully unexpected. Come for the art, stay for the cake, and savor the flavors of queer performances with Monsterwhore, Vlady, Lawunda Richardson, and Lilith the Quing in all its luscious diversity.

Live Performance by Monsterwhore  
Embark on the audacious odyssey of Monsterwhore, an inspirational lesbian artist redefining Berlin’s electronic music scene. Born in conservative Eastern Europe and raised in a strict Catholic town, she embraced her truth with unapologetic fervor, adopting the bold name Monsterwhore. Her music blends hyper-pop and techno with conceptual dance and provocative stripping shows, challenging the status quo. Each beat pulses with authenticity, offering a liberating escape from conformity. Join her journey where art meets activism, and dance to the rhythm of freedom in a symphony of unapologetic truth.

“The Queerdom Variety Show” presented by Vlady
Welcome to the Queerdom. Join us for the unleashing and fabulous variety show of comedy, drag, and live music where a dazzling tapestry of laughter, glamour, and rhythm is created as it celebrates the vibrant spectrum of queer artistry and expression. 

Enter the enchanting realm of Vlady, a queer visionary based in Berlin who seamlessly fuses music, theater, and performance into unforgettable experiences. Known as the mastermind behind „Queers in Music,“ the „Queerdom Variety Show,“ and one of Berlin’s biggest drag festivals this year, „DRAGIFY“, Vlady captivates audiences with raw wit, boundless creativity, and a deep commitment to queer expression. Immerse yourself in a world where epic pop and EDM collide with avant-garde costumes, creating a visual and auditory feast that challenges norms and celebrates authenticity. Through heartfelt queer narratives woven into every performance, Vlady invites you to ponder, groove, and embrace the spectrum of human experience.

Prepare to be mesmerized by Lawunda Richardson, a creature probed by the aliens who seem to have gifted her with unparalleled talents. From impeccable lip syncs that transport you to other worlds, to high-energy performances featuring her signature turbo jump splits, Lawunda is a multi-disciplinary artist who redefines drag with her appearance. Her magnetic presence and exquisite artistry are a testament to the boundless possibilities of queer expression. Witness how Lawunda transforms the stage into a realm of pure spectacle, where each performance is a journey through the cosmos of multiplicity and artistry.

Explore the visionary world of Lilith the Quing, Berlin’s genderfluid Brazilian transdisciplinary sweetest demon reshaping culture with fearless creativity. A master storyteller through writing and performance, Lilith blends avant-garde costumes, and poignant messages into captivating shows.  Lilith is a horny shapeshifter who escaped the confines of the so-called Paradise, the Garden of Eden, to challenge the patriarchy and celebrate queerness, sensuality and kink. Embracing fluid gender identities, Lilith critiques toxic masculinity and celebrates queerness with a mix of chaos, drama, camp, and artistry, sprinkled with fairy tales, astrology, and magic. Let yourself be captivated, ignite your curiosity and challenge your perceptions of binaries and colonial constructs of good and evil.

Have no fear, we will welcome you with open arms…

26. Juli 2024 , 18:30 Uhr
Platte, Memhardstr. 8, 10178 Berlin
The entry is free