20. Juli 2024 | 12:00 Uhr | Berliner CSD e.V. / Maeve

Empowerment Self Defense for FLINTA*s

CSD Sponsoren 2024

Empowerment Self Defense empowers individuals and communities to interrupt violence, assert boundaries, and enhance mental and physical responses.

Pride is a protest, and it is vitally important to create spaces for FLINTA* to feel safer and braver during this month.

The workshop will take place at Projektraum H48, Herrmannstraße 48, 12049 Berlin


Hi, I’m Maeve (she/her), and I will be your instructor for this 2 day Empowerment Self Defense workshop. I am a white, queer, disabled cis woman from Ireland. ESD supports people and communities to combat the pervasive spectrum of interpersonal violence, through interrupting violence, asserting boundaries, and enhancing mental and physical responses. 

There will be lunch, snacks and drinks provided on both days.
Please wear comfortable clothing.

I have a suggested fee of €10, which you can pay through PayPal: maeveveam@gmail.com.
I dont want anyone to feel excluded because of this fee, so if you are not in a position to pay, send me a message on WhatsApp or Signal +353879401043. This will be kept confidential.

Register for this two day course via Link.

20. Juli 2024 , 12:00 Uhr
Projektraum H48, Herrmannstraße 48, 12049 Berlin
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