28. Juni 2024 | 16:00 Uhr | Kulturprojekte Berlin / Berliner CSD e.V.

PRIDE MONTH Opening – the warm up

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Happy PRIDE MONTH Berlin!
Enjoy Live Acts, guests and our hosts for a celebration of diversity – on stage at the Fanzone am Reichstag!

Barbie Breakout
Jana Brockmann


Berlin-based pop music artist FLOSS’ very own way of manifesting her demand for a feminist world has a name: Feminist Fantasy Pop. Est. 2019. Including but not limited to sound: Everything FLOSS touches with her maximalist sense of style (strongly influenced by International Camp) turns into a colorful experience for all senses.

Among other places they have played at Berghain, Schinkel Pavillon and Volksbühne, as well as internationally at Ssense (Montréal), ICA, (London) and De Studio (Antwerp).
The group’s mantra has been the same since the beginning, which is to focus on live shows and not on the release of music. The bands nonconformist attitudes feature in Lola von der Gracht’s provocative lyrics, thematizing subjects such as rebellion, death, love, freedom, addiction, hope and identity.

Berlin-based singer and actress L_ tashina certainly isn’t the sort of young female artist you see in every second pop music magazine. Her look, sometimes fierce sometimes playful, but always authentic. Just like her music. Her deeply intimate song „I is my name“ won the German Songwriting Award and went on to become an empowering anthem for diversity and queer acceptance and visIbIlity.
With her debut album release „Self Care“ she presents an eclectic array of styles and texture ranging from intimate singer/songwriter ballad („Hey there“) to bashing Rock („Little Things“).

Aka Kelzz
Berlin-based singer-songwriter Aka Kelzz has always loved making music and is now combining this with sharing their experiences around dealing with mental health, liberation and new understanding of love.
Aka Kelzz is on a journey of embracing their childhood dream of creating and sharing their music with the world. 

Foto: Aka Kelzz
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28. Juni 2024 , 16:00 Uhr
Fanzone am Reichstag, Platz der Republik 1, 10557 Berlin

Duration: 16 – 19 Uhr

19 Uhr: Talk „Outing in Sports“
20 Uhr: Pride Month Opening Ceremony with Queens Against Boarders

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