24. Juli 2024 | 17:00 Uhr | PLATTE


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“In this beginner-friendly workshop, we will explore the history of ballroom and runway. We’ll dive into my favorite category: runway, a fashion category. Everyone is welcome to bring heels (optional – I personally wear flats), sunglasses, or any other accessories/clothing that make you feel confident. The workshop includes technique, posture, and battle strategies.” Join us at PLATTE Berlin for the workshop „History of Ballroom and Runway,“ with German Mother Dream Louboutin celebrating empowerment and queer expression as part of PLATTE Pride Week.

German Mother Dream Louboutin 

made their debut on the ballroom scene five years ago in Berlin, right before relocating to firmly establish themselves within Germany’s vibrant dance community. Dream took their first steps into this world as a member of the Iconic International House of Saint-Laurent. In their inaugural year, they achieved a significant milestone by winning the prestigious European “All American Runway of the Year” award at the Galaxy Ball in Paris, bestowed by the legendary Father Charly (Ebony) Gaultier-Brown.

Over time, Dream’s talents have transcended a single category, earning them major accolades across more than 10 different categories in multiple countries. Their influence extends beyond performance; Dream has organized numerous dance events in Germany, is currently honing their skills as a DJ, and serves as an international judge and educator. After a two-year tenure with the Iconic House of Ebony, Dream transitioned to the renowned House of Miyake-Mugler and embraced a new role within the Kiki scene as the German Mother of the legendary luxury House of Louboutin. Collectively, Dream has amassed over 100 trophies, with a particular prowess in the European Runway category.

Copyright: Michael Schilder

24. Juli 2024 , 17:00 Uhr
PLATTE, Memhardstraße 8, 10178 Berlin

No application needed. Just come by.
The workshop will be held in English.