3. Juli 2024 | 18:30 Uhr | Berliner CSD e.V. / Bola Olagunju / SumUp

Is this a Safe Space, is this just Fantasy

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When was the first time you felt safe in a social space and what made you feel safe?
When was the last time you felt celebrated in a space and why?
What does intersectionality mean to you and how does it affect how you socialise?
Have you ever been involved in creating a safe space and what did that look like?


Anna Mirli
Anna is a Berlin based multidisciplinary Professor and public speaker who’s passionate about queer culture and spaces. She has given talks and been on panels about queer issues around the world.

Bola Olagunju
Bola is an event producer and mix-media artist who loves exploring and developing intersectional spaces. As a performer I’m also part of several collectives based in the North of the UK.

David Rakoto
David is an experienced member of SumUp’s Support team. Since joining in 2020, David has helped countless merchants from diverse backgrounds, leveraging his cross-cultural communication skills to provide expert guidance and assistance. David is also an active member of SumUp’s Pride Network.

Supported by SumUp
SumUp is a leading global financial technology company driven by the purpose of levelling the playing field for small businesses. Founded in 2012, SumUp is the financial partner for more than 4 million small merchants in 36 markets worldwide, helping them start, run and grow their business. Through its SuperApp, SumUp can provide merchants with a free business account and card, an online store, and an invoicing solution – as well as in-person and remote payment acceptance seamlessly integrated with SumUp’s card terminals and point-of-sale registers. SumUp is committed to leveraging its success to make the world a better place, pledging to donate 1% of its revenue to support environmental causes and advocating for educational and entrepreneurial projects around the world. In 2023 SumUp was recognised as a Top Global Employer for inclusion by the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. For more information, please visit sumup.de

3. Juli 2024 , 18:30 Uhr
SumUp Services GmbH, Koppenstr. 8, 10243 Berlin

Doors open at 6:30pm
and talk takes place between 7:30-9:00pm