5. Juli 2024 | 18:00 Uhr | Berliner CSD e.V. / Indigo Caicedo

Queer New Moon: Ritual of Selfaknowledgement

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In this ritual, we will do a cleaning and personal journey, allowing us to take full benefit of the new moon’s energy in cancer. We will reconnect with people, places, and/or situations that remind us of REFUGE in our childhood, to bring it to our present. 

This journey of self acknowledgement will allow us to give way to celebrating our life and accomplishments, which we will be materializing in gratitude, through a candle that we will sweeten for this new beginning. 

We have only 12 spots, please sign up to get one. 
Facilitated by Indigo Caicedo (La papi Patacón)

5. Juli 2024 , 18:00 Uhr
OFFLINE, Lichtenrader Str. 49, 12049 Berlin

18 – 20 pm

For free.
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