20. Juli 2024 | 14:00 Uhr | Trans Fag Dyke

XOXO T4T connect

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T4T connect :From dating, to friends, to a good night out 
For trans, inter, nonbinary, agender & questionning 
By trans fag dyke 

Where? Mauer Garten in Mauer park, 13355 berlin (prenzlauer berg) 
When? Saturday 20th of July from 2 to 6 pm 
Suggested donations? From 5 to 15 euros 
For who? Anyone falling under the t.I.N. A* umbrella (trans, inter, nonbinary, agender) and people questioning their gender identity or crossdressing 

Concept: is kinda like a speed dating but it’s also an event to just make new friends. 
Wether you are aromantic, ace, or just really horny you are welcome to join of course. 

I will be hosting the space and prepare a round of cute questions to break the ice. Each turn will be 5 min for 30 min +15 min break + another round of 30 min. 
Please bring blanket, drinks and food if you can. Sharing is caring. 

Accessibility and low barriers:
Parc is wheelchair accessible. 
Wheelchair accessible toilets 2 min walk away (see next slide) 
The event will take place outside in Mauer Park. Please bring a ffp2 mask and wears it if requested by your interlocutor. 
Please get tested before heading to the event and stay home if you feel unwell. 
Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, wear a cap, drink water. 

U-bahn (underground train): 
line U2: get off at the Eberswalder Strasse station. The station is equipped with elevators. 

Line m10: get off at the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark stop. 
Line 12: also serves Eberswalder strasse. 

Bus 247: stops at Wolliner strasse. 
Bus 250: stops near Eberswalder Strasse 

S-bahn (suburban train): 
lines s41 and s42 (Ringbahn): get off at Schönhauser Allee station, which is a bit further away but still within walking distance or take u2 afterwards. The station has elevators. 

Accessible car parking: 
there are designated accessible parking spots around the park, especially near the main entrances. 

See you on Saturday xoxo 

20. Juli 2024 , 14:00 Uhr
Mauergarten in Mauerpark, 13355 berlin (prenzlauer berg)