Walking group registration

In 2023 we would like to increase the visibility of the registered foot groups. The demo will be filled by vehicles and foot groups as well as all other participants. In 2023 there will be different blocks, these will be worked out by the core team. A new random draw system for vehicles will be launched closer to the CSD. There are no costs for the registration of foot groups.

Cargo bikes, bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles can also be registered under this link, provided they appear as a group. However, this is not mandatory. For the first time, the Berlin CSD e.V. will probably limit the number of vehicles to an upper limit. Foot groups that feel unsafe appearing in large numbers must plan their groups independently.

The CSD Berlin is not responsible for planning or securing your groups. Since we as an association refuse to fence off the route, it can be tight in some places. We recommend that you have organizers who can secure your group with ropes, similar to a vehicle. This will keep your group together. If it gets crowded, find a more airy place and line up again at a later point. Every year there are enough spots where density does not reach the maximum. We know that this will not satisfy everyone, however, we can neither supervise each group individually, nor close off the course from spectators.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our board and the demo leadership at vorstand@csd-berlin.de. Thank you!



Deadline: 21.06.2023

Published on website: Juli 2023