Stage & Rally

Stage Program 2024

A diverse closing program will take place on stage – with speeches as well as artistic and musical acts. Berlin Pride | CSD Berlin ends around midnight. The entire program will be available on our website in the course of July. Applications for the stage program of the Berlin CSD 2024 can be submitted via our online form.


Soul of Stonewall Awards

As last year, the Berlin CSD e.V. will again present the Soul of Stonewall Awards in 2024. In 2023, the Berlin CSD e.V. presented the historic Soul of Stonewall Award to four wonderful people and organizations in our community in the categories International Grassroots Personality, Activist Lifetime Achievement, Award for Berlin Community Project and International Personality in the Fight for Visibility & Solidarity. The awards were presented to the 2023 award winners on stage at the closing rally.


Award winners 2023

International Grassroot Personality

>>> Angel Maxine

The first trans musician and activist from and in Ghana is honored for her courageous and strong campaign #killthebill but also for her tireless fight for more awareness and human dignity.


Activist life’s work

>>> Dr. Lutz van Dijk

The historian and co-initiator of a petition for the separate commemoration of queer people in the Bundestag, which was implemented and recognized this year, is being honored for this milestone in German history.


Award for Berlin community project

>>> “Butch Barfly’s”

The lesbian* collective, which provides a relaxed, informative and safe space with formats outside the norm, is honored. It is important that the Berlin butch scene is addressed across generations and that the format has a long history and a lot of networking.


International personality in the fight for visibility & solidarity

>>> EPOA – European Pride Organizations Association + President Kristine Garina

The largest international Pride association, which under its eight-year presidency has worked above all for a balanced relationship and visibility of Eastern European Prides, is honored. The association is now one of the strongest international associations for LGBTIQA* demos and supports its members in many matters.


Stella Spoon, board member:

“We are very happy that we are once again able to honor a wide range of political, local, social, cosmopolitan and value-oriented projects and personalities this year. It is particularly important to us to expand the focus to African countries such as Uganda, Ghana and Namibia and to create a space at the closing rally. All award winners have accepted the prize and will be there in person.”


The Soul of Stonewall Award recognizes special contributions to the equality and achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, asexual & transgender, queer and marginalized groups. The award is also intended to convey content in the fight for equality for LGBTIQA* people. Since 2001, two to five people or organizations have been awarded the prize each year. The prize is awarded by the association Berliner CSD e.V. and is presented at a ceremony during CSD Berlin | Berlin Pride, which is organized by the association. A different theme is chosen for the award each year. Since 2014, the prize has been awarded under the name Soul of Stonewall Award (SoSA).



We are many and we have a lot to say! To ensure that the demands, messages and information are conveyed well, the Berlin CSD e.V. is once again looking forward to a large number and variety of presenters this year. Whether it’s the closing rally, demonstration or special presentations, it’s going to be queer.

Association Trucks 2024

This year’s program of the association-owned trucks will be created purely by the CSD Berlin | Berlin Pride. Therefore, it was important to us to design 50% of the program with speakers.

Large parts of the speeches will be recorded and digitally extended. Thus, content can be shared in a low-barrier form for people without participation in the demonstration. For the third time in a row, the focus will be on integrating the city’s non-German speaking LGBTIQA* community. More information to follow over the course of the next months