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Executive committee

Board of Directors

The board of the Berlin CSD e.V. consists of five people and is elected by the general meeting. The last board elections took place at the general meeting on 19.09.2023. The board works on a voluntary basis, i.e. CSD board members may not hold or accept a paid job or honorary position in the association.

Stella Spoon (elected for 2 years by the AGM on 08.11.2022)
Ulli Pridat (elected for 2 years by the AGM on 08.11.2022)
Mara Geri (elected for 2 years by the AGM on 19.09.2023)
Marcel Voges (elected for 2 years by the AGM on 19.09.2023)
Resigned in June 2024: Seyran Ateş (elected for 2 years by the AGM on 19/09/2023)

The executive committee decides independently on all membership matters (membership applications, exclusions, cancellations, fee reductions, etc.), on personnel contracts (employment and fee contracts, terminations, invitations to tender) and on legal matters concerning the association. For all other matters, decisions are made together with the Head of Production, advisors of the CSD team, in the responsible working groups or – for minor decisions – by the responsible staff.

Volunteers, full- and part-time jobs and project work

The work that arises from the association’s activities and the responsibility that goes with it can no longer be managed by the board alone. However, the voluntary structure defines the entire association and thus also the CSD team. Only for core tasks and in core areas that are necessary for the maintenance of the association and the insurance of the CSD demonstration and the CSD finale, fees or salaries are paid at all, which are often significantly below the usual market prices thanks to the high voluntary commitment of those involved.

All tasks are currently covered almost exclusively by volunteers or occasionally by freelancers. Since 2019, all central concerns and activities of the association are usually coordinated by the position of the “Head of Production”. In addition to organizing the business operations of the Berliner CSD e.V. association, this person is responsible in particular for the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the annual main event. All those who work actively and year-round – as board members, employees, volunteers or honorary staff – form the CSD team and thus the personnel core of the Berliner CSD e.V. Due to the pandemic, this position currently cannot be filled.

Due to the working group structure and numerous independent projects, volunteering at the CSD is quite flexible and can be adapted to one’s own needs as well as to external circumstances. In addition to a regular year-round commitment, a project-related collaboration – e.g. for graphics and design, project and legal advice, transportation, errands, special club events – or a voluntary support on the “main action days” around the CSD is possible. E.g. as a supervisor for the family/sport membership area, as a driver, in the accessibility area, for errands, distribution, transport, set-up and dismantling, briefings, service tasks, admission controls, at the CSD information booth or support with office administration etc.

CSD Team

The CSD executive committee can entrust the CSD team with tasks to ensure the operational implementation of the CSD (from the CSD demonstration, to the finale, press relations, sponsor acquisition, supporting program, project management, etc.) and the association administration (meetings, minutes, accounting, community requests, CSD Forum, etc.). The CSD team is busy with CSD and association tasks throughout the year and meets regularly for the respective team, working group and project meetings. It consists of the CSD board members and all volunteers or honorary staff responsible for the main tasks.

Projects and temporary cooperation

In addition to the permanent work in the CSD team, many volunteer supporters take on temporary tasks or work on specific projects. A cooperation in a working group is not bound to the association membership and especially for interested and “new” people a good opportunity to get to know the association and its activities. If you would like to actively participate in the CSD and help shape it, please contact us at kontakt@csd-berlin.de.