Campaign 2024

The day of the decision - Will Kai Wegner speak at the CSD?








The political campaign of the Berlin CSD e. V. in 2024


In recent years, the Berlin CSD e. V. has made demands that have often received too little attention from political decision-makers. For this reason, we are taking a different approach this year. Because we cannot afford to do this a second year in a row, this year the Berliner CSD e. V. is launching a political campaign with the aim of increasing the political pressure on the most important demands that are particularly important to our community. Our six core demands have already been submitted to the Berlin state government. We expect them to provide us with a concrete and binding plan by July 14 on how they will support us in implementing our demands. And if nothing happens again? Then we reserve the right to award the opening speech of the Berlin CSD to someone other than the governing mayor of Berlin. You can find out everything else about our political campaign on the following pages: