Rally | Events 2022

This year’s program of the five association-owned truck will be created purely by the CSD Berlin | Berlin Pride. Therefore, it was important to us to design 50% of the program with speakers.

Large parts of the more than 35 speeches will be recorded and digitally extended. Thus, content can be shared in a low-barrier form for people without participation in the demonstration. Not every person wants to be a part of a large crowd within the pandemic. New this year is a strong focus on integrating the city’s non-German speaking LGBTIQA* community.

An entire float will be held purely in English. Speeches will be held in parallel on all floats at 20min intervals after the opening by the board and Mayor Dr. Klaus Lederer. As of today, the program will be distributed over the course of the demonstration by the speakers’ contributions on the lead vehicle.

We ask for your understanding. The executive committee believes that the right of assembly and the right to physical integrity are at least on the same level. This means, that we want to use the right to hold a demonstration, but in no case negatively influence the course of the pandemic.

Schedule of the CSD Berlin | Berlin Pride 2022