25. March 2024

The Berlin CSD e.V. needs your support!

In 2024, the CSD in Berlin will be celebrated for the 46th time!
As you may know, the Berlin CSD e.V. organizes the Berlin Pride March for Christopher Street Day every year (with one pandemic exception in 2020) with a lot of voluntary commitment. However, such a large event still incurs high costs, which our association has to cover. In order to cover these costs, we are not only looking for advertising partners and sponsorship, but also for support from the demonstrating and celebrating communities.
Some of you can spend more without getting into trouble, while many others can barely survive on their income. At the Berlin CSD, we all celebrate together the freedoms and acceptance that we can enjoy here. We demonstrate for a diversifying community and for global solidarity.
Your donations help us to continue to make this possible. And we are very happy to do so.

Thank you for your support!


GoFunMe Berlin CSD campaign