5. July 2024 | 18:00 h | Eisenherz

Georg Weise – Inner landscapes

In the field of contemporary art, there are few artists who are able to stir the soul like Georg Weise. His paintings are more than just visual representations; they are intimate whispers of “Inner Landscapes”, as he aptly titles his series. Each piece is a silent dialog with the viewer, speaking in the language of raw emotion and nuanced expression.
Weise’s art is a dance with time, a tender embrace of the enigmatic space between youth and the awakening of the self. In his world, half-dressed boys are depicted in mystical spaces, their gazes often averted, lost in contemplation or perhaps in silent conversation with the elements surrounding them.
White’s subjects float in a limbo of innocence, untouched by the dogmas of a reality that often condemns vulnerability.There is a subtle rebellion in White’s work against the puritanical and fundamentalist, against the moral guardians who often see nudity in art as problematic. His brushstrokes defy these constraints and suggest that there is a purity even in the naked human form – a purity that is free from the constraints of social convention.

In his technique and subject matter, one may find echoes of the great Balthus – the controversial painter known for his provocative depictions of youth. But Weise’s rebellion is quieter, a rebellion that does not shout, but whispers of the inner worlds we all carry within us. Weise’s paintings pose the question: who were we before society imposed its rigid codifications on us?

His art explores the fluidity of our early selves, unmarked by the labels of gender, race or social expectations. By depicting young individuals, Weise captures a mystical connection to the elemental – the earth, the sky, the water – suggesting a primordial bond that exists before the complexities of adult identity. The artist’s depiction of youth is not merely a reminiscence of a simpler time, but an exploration of the ephemeral nature of our dreams and desires.
His figures, often set against dream-like backdrops, embody a searching, a yearning for meaning in a world that is constantly changing beneath their feet. Ultimately, Georg Weise’s art reflects our collective psyche – a psyche that longs for the lost blissful days of youth. He does not provide answers, but invites us to reflect.

His paintings ask us to reflect on who we are, who we were and who we want to be. Weise’s unique expression of beauty lies in his ability to evoke a longing for a time when our existence was unmarked by time and untouched by the inevitable disillusionment that comes with age. His work is a tribute to the enduring beauty of youth, an ode to the quiet moments of self-discovery that define our humanity. Through his art, Georg Weise invites us to listen to the “inner storms” that rage – quietly – within us all.

5. July 2024 , 18:00 h
Eisenherz Buchhandlung, Motzstr. 23, 10777 Berlin
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