26. May 2022

1st queer-political breakfast

On May 20, 2022, the CDU parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives, represented by the parliamentary group chairman Kai Wegner and the CDU Berlin Secretary General and queer policy spokesman of the CDU parliamentary group Stefan Ewers, invited to the first queer policy breakfast in the casino of the Berlin House of Representatives. Together with the LGBTI representative of the Berlin police Anne von Knoblauch and the Maneo project manager Bastian Finke, our board members Ulli Pridat and Marc-Eric Lehmann discussed with other representatives of queer organizations, institutions and parties about the issue of violence against queer people and the related education and awareness work in the everyday life of Berliners. The parliamentary group of the CDU Berlin presented the already made inquiries and applications to the senate and the work as the strongest opposition party, in order to make the life of queer people in the rainbow capital safer for a long time.

Maneo-Report 2021