8. April 2022

CSD board meets with district mayor Uwe Brockhausen (Reinickendorf)

Together with Christopher Schreiber (GF @lsvdbb), our board member Marc-Eric Lehmann met today with Reinickendorf’s district mayor Uwe Brockhausen to discuss the upcoming Pride Season, the 44th Berlin CSD, and most importantly, queer institutions and contact points on the part of the district. As an outer district Reinickendorf is not always in the center of attention in queer issues and content and therefore the visibility and protection of queer people must be ensured and expanded all the more. We are pleased that for the first time an anti-discrimination officer in the district of Reinickendorf will be appointed by the district office as a full-time position and will also cover the queer topics and areas of responsibility. We are also very pleased that Regenbogen Reinickendorf e. V. with its chairman Andreas Otto has opened the “House of Queers” Reinickendorf this week as a contact point and safe space for queer people in the district – we are in consultation for a joint appointment on site. It is also gratifying that the district mayor agreed to hold a Pride Flag hoisting with subsequent speeches in the weeks and days before the 44th Berlin Pride and, as far as the flag regulations of the state of Berlin allow, to generate as much visibility as possible as a district office in public space, since the concerns and demands of our community are a matter close to his heart. We thank you for this exchange and look forward to working with the district of Reinickendorf.