26. February 2022

Want to have a child? We support and accompany you!

Anyone is welcome…

…to the world’s most comprehensive information weekend on the topic of wanting a child. Whoever you are, whatever your challenges, and wherever you are on your journey to starting a family, Fertility Days is here to help you and make everything easier.:

That’s why this year in Berlin, we’re proud to announce the launch of our Rainbow Seminar Room (sponsored with love by California Fertility Partners and Same Love Surrogacy). This special area at the fair will feature two days of important information for LGBTTIQA* couples & singles. Topics presented in the Rainbow Seminar Room will offer information for anyone looking to start or expand a family.

The Rainbow Seminar Room is our way of saying that we are proud to serve LGBTTIQA* couples & singles and that everyone is welcome at Kinderwunsch Days.

Daniel’s opinion on the Kinderwunsch Tage (Fertility days)

“Looking back, we have to admit that without the Kinderwunsch Tage we would never have found our way and most likely would not have made it through all the processes so smoothly.

We look forward to attending the Kinderwunsch Tage every year and are happy to answer questions from couples who are in a similar situation to ours two years ago.”

Since face-to-face meetings are invaluable, you can schedule a free consultation with the childbearing expert at Kinderwunsch Days.

You’d like to know more? Visit the next Kinderwunsch Tage in Berlin from 26. – 27th of March.

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