15. July 2022

Mental Health Panel 2022 | CSD Pride Month

13.07.2022 at Weekend Club (start 7pm, end 9 pm – afterwards Afterwork Sober Party)

Yesterday evening, another highlight of our Pride Month took place – our Lead Team Mental Health, consisting of Anna Holfeld and Tobias Herrmann-Schwarz, invited to the Mental Health Panel at The Weekend Club at Alexanderplatz. Both of them are already strengthening our Mental Health every week on Mondays with various topics, challenges and solutions (more about this on our SoMe channels).

The first panel talk participant last night was Nadine Primo, followed by Kostas Kind, Wiebke Pausch and Markus Bohlmann, Henri Jakobs, Miss Sam and Saskia Michalski. All of them talked about their own experiences in dealing with their mental health, what solution they found for themselves and what challenges they continue to face.

Certainly also worth mentioning is the meditation experience, which all participants were allowed to try out for themselves – thanks to Wiebke and Markus for this intensive and ten-minute experience.

After the final panel exchange between Anna, Nadine and Saskia, there was still time for questions from the visitors and closing words from the Lead Team Mental Health and the Berlin CSD e.V. board members Monique King and Marc-Eric Lehmann.

A big thank you to all the protagonists of this important two-hour panel talk and of course to our Pride Month curator, Zoe Rasch.

The subsequent Afterwork Sober Party on the rooftop of The Weekend Club invited to a casual exchange of ideas and celebration.

Thanks to Nadine Königsmann and Andi from USeven for the musical accompaniment and the whole team of The Weekend Club.