29. June 2022

Official Pride Month Berlin Opening

Let’s celebrate Pride Month Berlin with an opening ceremony with Queens Against Borders and CSD Berlin | Berlin Pride. These talented artists from a variety of social, linguistic, national and artistic backgrounds have taken over the space and provided a platform to inspire the city of Berlin and present their own narratives and stories in a political yet creative and artistic format ranging from dance to drag to all-queer excellence.

QAB is partnering with Berliner CSD e.V. to highlight diversity and honor the work of QTIBIPoCs, refugee organizations and artists in our beloved city.
Queens Against Borders is a performance party that creates solidarity with and for trans and queer refugees in Berlin. QAB residents from Syria and Iraq as well as guest artists from Tunisia, Singapore, Brazil, Egypt and other countries will present their art and express their emotional and personal experiences with the audience.

In the past we have raised money for gender reassignment surgeries and self-defense workshops and had a lot of fun doing it. This evening we will send the message that the time of fear and silence is over. Now we proudly declare us being different!