23. April 2022

Day of the lesbian visibility

We are very pleased to welcome on the day of lesbian visibility, April 26, at 8 pm Billa Christe + guest Jasmin Labidi L-SUPPORT on our Instagram channel. An exciting conversation, we hope as many of you as possible can be there.

L-SUPPORT – Lesbian, Bi, Queer Victim Support – is a project initiative that has been working since September 2014 to create a victim support service for lesbian, bisexual and queer women affected by violence in Berlin. In September 2015, the association L-Support e.V. was founded and has been the supporting association of L-SUPPORT since then.

The goal of L-SUPPORT is to counteract lesbophobic violence with effective and decisive strategies. Lesbian, bisexual and queer women in Berlin are strengthened in their self-confidence and supported as victims of violence in a needs-based, low-threshold and unbureaucratic manner.

In addition, the Berlin CSD e.V. supports the bicycle demonstration of the AHA-Berlin on the same day. Hopefully many of you will be there as well. You can find the event here: