1. April 2022


Since 13 years now, the 31st of March is Transgender Day of Visibility.

The Berlin CSD e.V. wishes all those in the association, all those in the Berlin queer communities and all Berliners a powerful, beautiful day! 

Trans* bring invaluable work, joy and love into all of our lives. They are our siblings, parents, friends and lovers, they are us. This is not only visible and noticeable today, but also every day of the year. But today especially. That’s why the trans* flag is waved on public buildings in Berlin.

We are pleased that there will be further progress on human rights for trans people from the political side in the coming months and years. They cannot come fast enough and are more than necessary.

On the eve of the day of trans visibility, Senator of the Interior Iris Spranger and her personal advisor Alfonso Pantisano invited to the joint hoisting of the trans flag, combined with a speech by the senator and a first meeting.

Our board member Marc-Eric Lehmann was on site with other activists and representatives of the communities and reports: “The international Transgender Day of Visibility is an important date for all of us, this is not only about more visibility of trans people, but especially about the safety and equality”, because “our rainbow capital Berlin is for trans* people a place where they can live self-determined, visible and free.

Self-determined and visible and free – that’s how I would like life to be for all people. And not only in Berlin, but also in Kiev, Budapest, Moscow, Warsaw, Kampala and Doha,” says Interior Senator Iris Spranger. She continues: “It is important for me to point this out again and again: Their visibility, which we celebrate today, also carries a danger, because discrimination and violence are often unfortunately the reality of a self-determined life.” As the board of the Berlin CSD e. V., we are grateful to the Senator of the Interior and her team for advocating that “the issue of hate crime against gays and lesbians, against bisexual, trans* and intersex people – finally – be put on the agenda of the Conference of Ministers of the Interior” (speech of the Senator of the Interior Iris Spranger).