26. May 2022

Meeting of the LGBTI representatives of the Berlin police force

At the beginning of May, our board members Ulli Pridat and Marc-Eric Lehmann met with the LGBTI officers Anne von Knoblauch and Michael Späth, accompanied and supported by Ria Cybill Geyer, at the police headquarters in Berlin. We talked, as we did last year, about the now current numbers of violent attacks against queer people and learned that in 2021 525 crimes against queer people were reported to the police Berlin, the dark figure will unfortunately be many times higher and therefore it is right and important to report incidents of any kind and to bring to report. At our meeting, Ulli and Marc also presented our demands for this year in relation to the Berlin interior administration and police, first answers and feedback we will receive in the near future already. We are also looking forward to the 3rd Gala #GEMEINSAMBUNT on 29.06.2022 in the Komödie am Kurfürstendamm in Schiller Theater. The donations generated that evening will be used to benefit various projects, including those against hatred of queer people.
The patronage will be taken over by, among others, Gerlinde Jänicke from 94.3 rs2, Peter Plate, Police Commissioner Dr. Barbara Slowik and the Senator of the Interior Iris Spranger. We as the Berlin CSD e. V. will also be present on 29.06.2022 and would be very happy about further participation and support.