1. June 2023

Podcast “Apropos Beziehung”

Mental Health The new podcast #AproposBeziehung is about talking to queer people about their experiences and stories in relationships. 
We want to give you an insight into the different aspects and challenges of relationships that are not usually seen in the general public. At the same time, we hope that this podcast will help to break down prejudices and stereotypes and promote understanding and acceptance for relationships and people. We bring the focus topics of the Berlin CSD e.V. to life and, of course, give suggestions for successful relationships.

Our podcast team consists of:

Anna, a couples therapist for 13 years with a relationship store in Berlin Neukölln. She is bisexual and has accompanied you last year in the Mental Health Team.

Monique, whom you know as a former board member of CSD Berlin e.V. and as DJ Monique. She has been active in the queer scene of Berlin for many years.Stay tuned to never miss an episode! We look forward to introducing you to the world of relationships and sharing inspiring stories with you.