Pride Month Berlin

June 28th – July 28th, 2024 | Pride Month Berlin enabler

Pride Month Berlin will take place in Berlin for the third time in 2024.

Pride Month Berlin was launched two years ago by the Berlin CSD e.V. to give more space to current issues in the queer community. A space for networking and exchange, for support and visibility that the CSD demonstration on July 27 alone cannot offer.
The team of volunteers of Pride Month Berlin – PMB for short – has set itself the task of offering members of the community a platform that amplifies their voices, supports them and, in the best case, sets new impulses.

PMB kicks off with the historic “Stonewall Day” – on June, 28th. For four weeks, we highlight events such as panels, meetings, parties, workshops, and community events in general. The crowning event of the PMB is the demonstration on July, 27th.

Every year, the board of the Berliner CSD e.V. defines the current main topics. These are topics that have been of great concern to us in the media, personally and socially in recent times and where we see the need for support, visibility and dialogue.

As ever, Pride Month Berlin 2024 will have specific focus topics

This year, our main topics are queer in old age, sport / soccer, Islam, a strong queer network in Germany and TIN – a feminist perspective. In addition to many other offers from the queer community, you will find program items on these topics.

Queer in old age

How do you actually grow old happily as a queer person? What needs do we queer people have in old age – also in comparison to heteronormative society?

We highlight the challenges and experiences of the older LGBTQIA+ community and discuss topics such as isolation, medical care and the opportunities for intergenerational connections. We introduce associations, groups and activities and let older members of our community have their say. The focus is on networking, information and inspiration.

Focus Topic 2024: Queer in old Age

Sport / Football

The European Football Championship 2024 will take place this summer. All the more reason for us to include sport for the LGBTQIA+ community and professional sport as the theme of this year’s Pride Month.

What challenges do LGBTQIA+ professional athletes still have to deal with today? What about inclusion in 2024? What sporting opportunities does the Berlin community offer in grassroots sport? Pride Month creates space to discuss these topics and highlights dates for all kinds of sporting activities for queer people in Berlin.

Focus Topic 2024: Sport / Football


Islam and queer identity harbor a wide range of tensions. We present projects, places and personalities to show how Islam and a queer way of life can be united. We show the diversity in the Islamic community and create space to get to know this diversity. The focus is on measures for inclusion and the presentation of personal experiences from our community.

Focus Topic 2024: Islam

Strong queer network Germany!

Germany is moving to the right. What has long seemed abstract as a percentage of election results is becoming increasingly apparent in German politics and society. With the elections in eastern Germany this year, we are facing a major social challenge. There are fears in the air, but also the question: How can we build a strong network together to counter this development? Together with activists, we are trying to find answers, network and provide new impetus for processes that promote democracy through discussions, podcasts and other formats.

Focus Topic 2024: Strong queer Network Germany

TIN – a feminist perspective

In light of the global attacks on trans people, we focus on addressing the particular challenges in the areas of healthcare, legal recognition and stereotypes for the TIN community. Our aim is to create a safer space and promote dialog for a more inclusive and supportive environment.

This year’s PMB team is not only open to suggestions, but also grateful for them.

Zoe, Stella, Vlady, Sarah, Nora und Ariel

Focus Topic 2024: TIN