Pride Month Berlin

In 2022, Berlin celebrates “Pride Month” for the first time.

From 28.06.22 (Tuesday) – the Stonewall Day – for four weeks, until Sunday, 24.07.22.

Pride Month was created by the CSD Association to give Berliners and Berlin visitors more space for LGBTQIA issues and opportunity for encounters with Berlin’s queer communities. The Pride Demonstration and subsequent final rally continue to be the highlight and big finale of Pride Month. However, they will be complemented by various opportunities that promote exchange, education and encounters in and with the queer community. The depth of discussions will be unprecedented. Both IRL and virtual opportunities will be used to create places for encounters and make access possibilities as broad as possible.

And Berlin’s communities are invited to join in. We want to make room, not just for ours, but for as many queer ideas as possible. We are not interested in fancy straw fires, but in setting long-term impulses in Pride Month, which initiate topics, without over-debating, enable a change of perspective and contribute to real development.

Our wish and aspiration for Pride Month

The Berlin CSD e.V. association aims to make all facets of the LGBTQIA community visible and strengthen them. Furthermore, it is important to us to support existing Safer Spaces in Berlin and to create more during Pride Month. We invite activists from all districts of Berlin to help shape Pride Month – whether they are old friends or newcomers. We want to give space to personal stories and destinies. We want to create places where people from our community can listen to each other and engage in conversation. The focus should be on compassion, understanding, change of perspective and highlighting the strength that many members of the LGBTQIA community bring to their “normal” life. German and multilingual events are designed to appeal to and engage as many people as possible. Sign language is naturally included as a possible language option.

Pride Month 2022 has four focus topics

For 2022, we are defining four focus topics that will shape the Pride Month program. All focus areas will be consistently present in all weeks. Especially the field “Mental Health & accessibility” will be treated and presented across all topics.

House of Pride

In the last week of Pride Month we unite all four focus topics in the “House of Pride”. Under this umbrella we will discuss the various aspects of the demonstration taking place on 23.07.2022 and mobilize visitors. At the demonstration itself, all main topics will be presented as trucks.

Our claim for the execution in this first year of Pride Month is “quality before quantity”. We are creating a stable foundation for the coming years and setting a sign for the Berlin communities.

Structure and execution

Each week, equal emphasis is placed on the respective focus topics. The last week of Pride Month will bring together all key messages.

Specifically, what does Pride Month look like? Here are some of our ideas and suggestions. A detailed program design is planned for spring 2022, incorporating the ideas and concepts of the Berlin communities.

Religion + spirituality

Religious practice and belief are great sources of strength for people – even in the queer community, though there are some particular challenges here. How do members of the community find their way around religion? What offerings are there beyond the major faith communities? CSD e.V. association wants to take on a bridging and mediating role here, enabling inter-religious, intercultural and intersectional exchange on the topic. There will be discussions with queer believers, nuns, pastors and imams as well as with Sanga leaders, atheists and church critics.

The presentation of all our topics is always to be understood as multimedia: Live events at topic-specific locations – for example in churches, mosques or temples – are supplemented by film screenings in cinemas, podcasts, exhibitions, readings, discussions and, of course, parties. Different worldviews will have the chance to introduce themselves and invite people to get to know each other. An interfaith service will be part of the program. In addition, an “open day” in various houses of prayer is imaginable.

For the thematic film series a cooperation with arte tv, the rbb and cinemas in Berlin is possible and planned.

Possible formats:

– Panel discussions / podcasts

– Movie screenings

– Religious services, masses, meditations, open houses etc.

FLINTA + lesbian visibility

Women, lesbians, intersexual persons, trans people and asexuals – these are the main actors of the next focus of Pride Month 2022. Here, too, CSD e. V. association will provide room for already existing and new formats. Visibility of lesbians and intersexual persons, an exchange within the Berlin community, change of perspective and new encounters are the focus to strengthen the scene and young members of the scene. A lesbian / intersexual / trans film series in cooperation with a queer film festival and Berlin cinemas would be imaginable. Readings in queer bookstores, a discussion about the sense or nonsense of men-only or women-only events.

Organizations present their vision of queer aging. Family centers for rainbow families present their vision of queer families. Other Berlin actors will have their say in panel discussions and / or podcasts. Organizers of FLINTA parties and evenings are invited to join and enrich the Pride Month program. A pop-up bar for women and lesbians will be launched for a time period during Pride Month. There will be room for physical meetings and networking. Existing institutions and bars will be incorporated where possible.

Possible formats:

– Integration of events like Queer Garden, Girls Town, Butch Bar Flys, Dienstags in der Möbel Olfe, Oya am Heinrichplatz, CSD auf der Spree, and many more

– Pop-up-Bar for FLINTA-audience

– Panel discussions / podcasts

– Films / queer porn movies

– Readings

Trans + POC / People of Color 

Perspectives, fates, personalities: Who are the trans people and PoCs in Berlin’s communities? What challenges do they have to deal with? We will discuss who causes which problems and who helps to solve them. We will introduce personalities that shape these communities. We want to make their voices heard, give them the opportunity to network even better and support existing projects, ideas and events. Room will be given to stories of various trans-personalities. Recording those conversations in the form of existing podcast formats is imaginable. Whether Latin, Asian, Turkish, Arab, or BPoC – with whom, where, and how do people in these LGBTQIA communities celebrate? We will address how much they shape the Berlin scenes. We will support productions like Kiki Balls (Vogueing) and the Ballroom Community and give space for creation and visibility. An open stage for PoC and trans-musicians? We’re in!

In this focus topic, it is important for all formats to be as multilingual as possible. If only to reflect which languages LGBTQIA speak in Berlin. You want to learn the most necessary vocabulary and terms in English, French, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese or Vietnamese? You want to see queer movies in five different languages? You want to finally meet more people who look like you? We got you, beau.

Possible formats:

Financially support existing formats and increase their visibility / give space for new ideas

– Screenings

– Podcasts (live) / panel discussions

– Cooperation with the Gorki theater

– Readings

– Partys

House of Pride / Finale 

In the final week we are on the close to reaching our finishing line: the demonstration. Here we set events that have a direct reference to the demonstration and span across different scenes. The direct political demands of the CSD 2022 get more space. International political topics such as the support of Eastern European Prides and their situation are on the agenda.

Planned highlights: an alcohol and drug free party for dry and clean members of the community. A dance tea for older gays and lesbians. A political talk with guests from Eastern Europe. A guide to happy dating over 50. Discussions with queer caregivers in Corona times. A roundtable discussion on Toxic Masculinity. Cross-scene events and cutting-edge issues on Mental Health will find a place here and mobilize for the demonstration and the subsequent rally.

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