Walking Group Registration

Registrations for walking groups are now open! To register your group please click the button “REGISTER WALKING GROUP” and fill out the form.

You’ll be able to find a list of the walking groups for the 46. Berlin Pride 2024 on this site soon. 

You will find further information regarding the registration of walking groups here soon. Of course there are no costs for the registration of foot groups. 

CSD Berlin will not be responsible for planning or securing your groups. Since we as an association refuse to fence off the route with fences, experience has shown that it can get tight in some places. We recommend that you have stewards who can secure your group with ropes, similar to a vehicle. This will keep your group together. If it gets tight, look for a more airy spot and join the queue at a later point. Every year there are enough spots where the density does not reach its maximum. We know that this will not satisfy everyone, but we can neither look after the individual groups individually nor close off the route to spectators.

If you have any questions, please contact our board and the demo leader at demo@csd-berlin.de. Thank you very much!



Deadline: 15.07.2024

Published on website: 17.07.2024